Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Come Play With Us

Have you ever been to a bar with no booze?  

I did that.  Last weekend.  Crazy, right?

Instead of beer and liquor, they had dolls.  And while I do not actually have a pathological fear of dolls, I am working on it.

No, really.

This happened.

I was startled as I walked up to the building when I saw their glassy eyes peering out from behind the gate.

I knew it was going to be a booze-less day.  I'm usually fine with that.

It was Boyfriend's step-mom's father-in-law's (it's complicated) birthday party.  I only knew a half a dozen people and expected to spend the day feeling like a party-crasher, but I still thought I could handle it.

And then I saw them.

The infestation.

I tried to laugh at the doll in a cage.  "What did she do to get in there?" I laughed.  But I was uneasy.  They locked her up for a reason.

When I walked in to the place, I thought, "INTERESTING."  

I am not sure if I meant "interesting" in the "wow, this is a fascinating collection of memorabilia" way, or "interesting" in the "walked in on an episode of Hoarders" kind of way.

Either way, my first thought was to take some pictures.  So I could share.

Some of the dolls appeared to be scouting out the escape route.

The problem is that if you take lots of pictures, you end up looking at the things you're photographing more than you would have, and you have photographic proof that it actually existed. 

The fear and memories don't fade like they are supposed to.

This doll was out in the main hall.  She was particularly upsetting because she kept a photograph of her first victim in a frame on her lap.
Sure, I have always been a bit creeped out by toys.  As a child, I was both obsessed with obtaining them and fearful of their reprisals if I hurt their feelings.

I have always laughed a little bit at the people who told me they were afraid of dolls.

I am sorry.

I was being insensitive.

Please accept my apology.

I just didn't understand.

I honestly thought dolls were pretty and maybe a little bit misunderstood.

"You can't escape us, Leauxra. "
But I was wrong.

"There is nowhere to hide from us, Leauxra."

Dolls look almost human, but behind their eyes is nothing.  Dead.  Reflective. Waiting.  Wait... something?

"You can try to lock us up, cage us..."

You can figure it out if you are brave enough to stare deeply into a doll's eyes.

It's jealousy.

Jealousy that humans get to walk around and feel things, and all the dolls have is the hard rubber skin.  

They are jealous of our skin.  

They are jealous of our feelings.  They are jealous of our anima.  They are jealous of our souls.

 "...but we are many."

They do not age, they do not change.  They collect the secrets of little girls silly enough to confide in them.  Over the years, they take a piece here, a piece there, they build a strange patchwork soul for themselves.

They are patient. 

"...and we will never stop."
So yes.  I get it now.

Dolls are scary and really do want to eat your soul.

You've been warned.

"Shut up shut up just leave me alone!  I'm not scared of you!"

P.S.  Yes, I know I have a huge forehead.  And it's shiny.  Just shut up about my enormous melon, please.


Julia said...

Ummmm that place HAS to be a fire hazard! Seriously....

Those dolls are creeptastic!

hoodyhoo said...

WHAT. THE. HELL. There should be some kind of law that if you're going to have THAT many dolls in a place, you are REQUIRED to give people a free bottle of tequila the minute they walk in. For the pain, ya know.

(and by the way, the Barbarella and/or Pet Semetary reference in the title was TOTALLY uncalled for.)

Leauxra said...

Julia: Yeah, not sure how they manage to, but this was in a publicly rentable hall. Although, they DID have MOST of the dolls sequestered behind glass...

hoodyhoo: I was thinking more "The Shining" with the little girls in the hallway going after Danny with the title. I was thinking it would set the mood...

Pearl said...

Leauxra, I am now in love with you. This is absolutely hilarious -- and totally creepy!

Over from Hoody's.

Hoody? Hoody Who?



Leauxra said...

Pearl: Welcome to my brain!

Anonymous said...

effing creepy dude! I totally get the look of pain on your face at the end. SCARY.

Leauxra said...

gremlingirl: Yeah, I totally shoulda brought a flask to deaden the senses a little.

Timmah said...

Y'know what the fun thing is about having that many dolls in one place is, though? With that MANY of them, it's tough to keep track. Is THAT where you left Wanda Wetserself? Should this one be HERE; I thought she was supposed to be in the attic? Why would I have left this cluster together in such a sinister-looking way?

And for the love of all that's decent and holy, WHO in the WORLD gave them all KNIVES?!

Leauxra said...

Timmah: "Portraits of Dolls with Knives" sounds like a new internet meme.

Brooke said...

I dislike dolls. I think Chucky ruined me as a child and Tales From The Hood relapsed it later in life. Little things with little pitter-patters that can hide and later attack... well, that's if they actually came to life. (But that could so happen.)

Angie said...

Alright I feel a little less weirded out knowing it was a rented hall for the event. I was thinking... WTF is Boyfriend's step-mom's father-in-law doing with that many dolls; and does HE have a skin suit in the making somewhere in the basement of this horror house of nostalgia?

Does this town have a deep dark secret that is only revealed to those who remain there after dark?

Leauxra said...

Brooke: I think there are a lot of people that don't like dolls. My dislike is more along the lines of _clown dolls_ and _antique dolls_, because they are just weird. And don't even get me started on antique clown dolls. Shudder.

Angie: I think the tiny town of Mead, CO MUST have some creepy secret. I mean... the doll-hall is right smack in the middle of this 4 block by 4 block town. Right. In. The. Middle. The church is off to one side. Makes you think.

Angie said...

It makes me think, yes. Each of those dolls houses the soul of one of the original town founders. Mmmmhmmm! spoooooky

LeeAnn said...

Dolls creep me right the hell out. When I was a tadpole, there was this episode of... I think Twilight Zone, where one of those dolls with the string you pull and it would talk was threatening the father of the family. No one else witnessed it and I don't remember exactly but SOMETHING BAD happened to him.
I've blocked it.
Dolls. Creepy little demons in porcelain disguise.

Leauxra said...

Angie: I am wondering if it is something more sinister than that... like maybe there is a gate to hell in the basement, and the dolls are all filled up with "dark things" and the entire town secretly worships them and sacrifices... uh... tourists? or something, every 13 years or whatever.

LeeAnn: There are lots of creepy doll shows out there, aren't there? That's because DOLLS ARE FREAKING CREEPY. And yeah, I think I know what you're talking about... wasn't it Outer Limits? I do remember an X-FIles episode with a possessed doll, too. When 50% of the population thinks something is creepy, maybe it's time to listen instead of FILLING UP A BUILDING with it, you know?

Caprice said...

Dolls are a little creepy, now that you mention it. I have a friend that has an old doll she swears houses the spirit of an old lady. I don't believe it, but I have to admit to feeling really creeped out when I'm next to it in her bedroom.

Leauxra said...

Caprice, you better watch out for that doll! I'll bet it moves, just a little bit, when you aren't looking.