Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Can't Even Do Depression Right!

OK, Thanksgiving is over.  So is Christmas.  And New Year's Eve.  And my mom's birthday (a bigger holiday than Christmas in my family).

Some people might decide that now would be the perfect time get all depressed.  I mean, seriously:
  1. The weather is shitty.    
  2. Everyone has a cold.  
  3. New Year's resolutions are chok full of suck.  
  4. The next big holiday is MLK, which is really not all that exciting because there is no food, and no presents,
  5. I still haven't sent off Christmas cards OR presents for my nieces- proof that I am a deadbeat aunt.
But I'm not down.

So what if the days are short?

So what if my winter pudge is really not a good look?

So what if it's freaking cold and every morning I have to scrape ice off the windshield so I can go to work (which is not all that awesome to to begin with, and this time of year I go in before sunrise and leave after sunset)?

So what if all I have to look forward to for the next two months is going to the gym with all the other pudgy winter revelers, and not buying anything because I have to start saving money for really real this time?

January is really the "Monday" of the year and should totally make me feel old and not very accomplished at anything, and frantic to accomplish SOMETHING with my life.

Where the hell is my annual seasonal affective disorder depression?

I'm sorry, guys, I can't lie anymore.  I feel pretty OK.

Go on.  Turn that frown upside-down.  It's a brand new year.  You get to fail all over again!

I am never going to belong. 

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