Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cross Country Skiing is like Masochism, Only Prettier.

Don't get me wrong.  I adore cross country skiing.  But cross country skiing is a sport for the slightly mentally ill and the people who like pain and discomfort.  It's also incredibly fun.

"Hey guys, it's snowing like a motherf%&ker out!  Let's get in the car and drive into the mountains in the storm so we can go play!"

Trees from the Bear Lake parking lot

And that's exactly what happened on Sunday.  It was snowing like a motherf%&ker down in the lowlands of Loveland.  We had already planned to try skiing that day, but the storm made it imperative.

Dad drove the old Jeep.  The roads were icy and snowy and slippery, but we didn't die.  We even got pulled over for speeding in the park (oops).  I love that Jeep.

We arrived much later in the day than expected.

Bear Lake. 
It was amazing.  

At some point before I left in the morning, I decided to shoot black and white film.  I figured my best winter mountain pictures look black and white anyway, and the film camera is lighter, and I had never tried it before and... I don't know.  It seemed like a good idea.

Looking back at the shore from Bear Lake.

It was.  These are some of the best snowy pictures I have taken.


Yes.  It was cold.  Like, freaking arctic cold with polar bears.

Yes, there was some sweazing (that's sweating and freezing at the same time).

Yes, my lungs burned and my muscles screamed at me.  Either I am that out of shape, or it is just that hard to move.  I actually got a cramp in my big toe.  I guess I forgot to stretch it before heading out?

I realized about an hour in that I couldn't move my face.

But the snow was perfect.

It really was this amazing.

Sometimes I have to risk frost bite to remind myself why I love living in Colorado.

The "foreign" version of me.  (Picture by Erin)  And if you're wondering, that I am wearing my awesome shiny red Eddie Bauer coat in this photo.  I really am the best dressed girl in the Rockies.


PudMonkey said...

GREAT photos! We still have a big plan to get baby out cross country skiing, but those damn baby chariots are like $600... so we'll see how it works out with baby in the backpack. I think it'll be OK if the trail is sufficiently flat, but we've yet to find a flat trail around here. Conundrums. Maybe we should just suck it up and give it a shot on the hilly trails... after all, it flattens out just around the corner, right? :)

Leauxra said...

Don't squish the baby!